Sustainable Tourism Foundation Pakistan

Tourism is often claimed to be the largest industry in the world, thus creates both opportunities and responsibilities. Tourismcanbring great benefits to the local communities but only if it brings sustainable livelihoods, employment or additional incomes.
Pro-poor Tourism it is an approach that seeks to utilize tourism as strategic tool to alleviate poverty among the marginalized communities. Any form of tourism can contribute to poverty reduction if planned with a strategic focus on local communities. For this to happen, specific ways need to be identified in which tourism businesses as well as tourists can directly and indirectly generate benefits for the poor. This is what Pro-Poor Tourism is all about.Pro-poor Tourism can be defined as tourism which

provides net benefits for poor people.It is not the same as ecotourism or community-based tourism, although these forms of tourism can be pro-poor; i.e. they can bring net benefits to the poor.
In order to promote the concept of Pro-Poor Tourism in Pakistan, Sustainable Tourism Foundation Pakistan has started a community capacity building project. In this connection, STFP is organizing training workshopsat various location of Pakistan with the help of national NGOs and CBOs. The main objective of these workshopsis to provide the knowledge and skills to develop clear understanding about the true meaning of pro-poor tourism and to find out the opportunities about launching showcase projects of pro-poor tourism in various areas of Pakistan.