Sustainable Tourism Foundation Pakistan

Our Objectives

To fulfill its mission, the founder members of STFP have identified the following specific objectives:

  • To encourage and promote best practices of sustainable tourism to minimize Ecological Footprint.

  • To work with government bodies by providing valuable inputs to develop policies and strategies for the promotion of sustainable tourism and help implement the same.

  • To work with tourism service providers to enhance quality of their products and services to a level so they can be sustainable and eco-friendly.

  • To work with conservation organizations to develop management plans for ecologically sensitive areas where tourism will have an impact on the natural, social and cultural environment.

  • To provide information and educate to the public on environment friendly tourism.

  • To develop contact and collaborate with national and international organizations to initiate ecotourism and sustainable tourism projects in Pakistan.

  • To facilitate the exchange of knowledge, experiences and ideas on sustainable tourism among the stakeholders by organizing trainings and other activities to create awareness on ecotourism, responsible tourism and sustainable tourism.

  • To develop and continually up-date an information bank of sustainable tourism principles, tools, resources and best practices for further dissemination among the concerned stakeholders.

  • To generate joint benefits through increased cooperation, networking and partnerships among sustainable tourism stakeholders.