Sustainable Tourism Foundation Pakistan

The Mission of our Green Pakistan – Clean Pakistan Campaign is to make Pakistan a green and clean country for its citizens and an attractive tourist destination for its visitors.
Pakistan’s tree cover is decreasing at an alarming rate — massive deforestation started in the 1990s as remote areas opened up with the construction of roads, and it has not ceased. The greatest victims are the conifer forests in our mountainous areas. According to the FAO, Pakistan lost 840,000 hectare of forest cover between 1990 and 2010 and the rate of loss of forests is 42,000 hectares per year. Forest-to-land ratio in Pakistan in 2010 was 2.19 per cent as reported in a World Bank report published in 2012, which is far below the ideal standard of 33%, forest cover for a country.

The Green Pakistan – Clean Pakistan campaign of Sustainable Tourism Foundation Pakistan is intended to inspire Pakistani citizens across the nation to actively participate in tree plantation drive to make our country truly green by planning and taking care of millions of saplings. We invite people from all walks of life to start from your home, street, town, village and city and also invite others to do as a national cause because it is important for our own survival and the survival of our future generations.
Indiscriminate littering and poor waste management practices are also a big environmental issue of Pakistani society. We also encourage all to participate in a nationwide cleanup campaign and start removing waste from our neighborhoods and streets and also motivate other people to participate in this national cause to make our country a beautiful place to live and an

attractive tourist destination for visitors.Under this campaign STFP regularly organize tree plantation and clean up activities on time to time bases by involving its volunteer members and raise general awareness through its Facebook page. Please go to this link and like our face book page .If you have any query please send us an email at email at