Sustainable Tourism Foundation Pakistan

Back to Nature - NYELPis a national environment leadership program for young people aimed at providing them with both leadership training, and unique learning opportunities not available at home or in the classroom. Sustainable Tourism Foundation Pakistan has designed this program for participants (ages 16 – 22), bringing forth the elements of nature and the great outdoors into an exciting educational experience.
Today’s youth in continuously burdened. Surrounded by the pressures of academics and social stigma, they battle with themselves internally and with the world around them. With our lives growing more hectic every day, this program strives to deal with these challenges by exposing Pakistan’s youth to the

beautiful world around them. This is a chance to discover your potential, explore your options, and overcome your fears, and to instill in each member a passion to contribute to the positive development of Pakistan.
To achieve these goals, Back to Nature - NYELP focuses on team-work and establishing a solid set of skills to teach participants how to work together to successfully complete their journey in the wilderness. To enhance the experience, we incorporate group and individual challenges that develop self awareness, spark significant personal growth, and build confidence.
Taking part in our Back to Nature program offers young people not only the chance to see a wide range of the natural beauty our country has to offer,

but also to meet and socialize with diverse groups of people, work together to attain common goals and establish a sense of unity and national integration.
Under this program, each year four groups of 25 male participants and two groups of 25 female participants in the age group of 16-22 who will be carefully selected from all over Pakistan will be taken to wilderness locations on a one week backpacking expedition. If you are interested to know more about this project, please contact us by sending an email at or call at 051-2612448